Monday, December 20, 2010

Wonderlandman, tell me a story

[hey, you’re back….why would you ever come back here? Well, if you’re gonna insist on staying I guess i have to entertain….what kind of host would i be? Ok, here’s one of the things i’m working on right now. It’s a poem that cuts back and forth between narration, monologue and dialogue….and it does all of this sporadically and without warning. Hope you like it, enjoy]
”This is my favorite mind
All the others I’ve left behind”
A trip through his own fantasy
Where everything goes wrong it seems
The more he loses, the better off
Even Alice would’ve scoffed
Missing pockets, missing hand
That’s his twisted wonderland

“Snagged my toe on a rock as I strolled
A seam ran to my heel from my toe
All that’s left of this foot are some thread
Look! there’s plenty of fun up ahead”

Learn to sew, he’s come undone
uncontrolled, his seams have run
They’ve stitched a smile on Anger’s face
wildly emotions laced
He sleeps between rocks and a hard place
Wakes up, and leaves part of his face
It remains on the ground where he’d laid…
“look down at myself, looking up at me
I don’t linger too long; just get up & leave”

A garden filled with rocks appears
The mise-en-scène seems too austere
As he creeps past, oh so nimble
Listen close, as pin hits thimble
The stones begin to turn to sand
and drops fall in, out of clouds’ hands…
…onto the sand, to make a stew
A soup of quicksand pulls him through
The more he struggles, the more he shrinks 
The ground enjoys its flesh-like drink
The rain keeps falling to the ground
Yet he wont call out but a sound
Lightning lights the sky, like flares
He takes his final gulp of air….
[to be continued]

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