Monday, December 20, 2010


[i wrote this for someone several years ago….”Tell me who it was for,” he requested snidely…. ”None of your business,” i replied calmly, as one would reply whilst being calm. “….and frankly that tone won’t get you very far in life,” added me. To everyone else reading this, don’t mind that guy, he’s just an ignoramus. Anyway, i hope you like this….later]
My eyes walk to a place I’ve never seen
No place they’ve walked 
No place I’ve been 
It feels surreal, just like some dream 
One blink , cut scene…. and I keep walking 

I stroll through fields of spinning silk 
As black as night, like white on milk 
Like locks of hair that fall on shoulders 
One blink, cut scene…. and I keep walking 

Suddenly I’m on a ship 
Without a clue of course nor trip 
One night I look down at the sea 
I see the sea looks back at me 
Two big dark eyes; they sparkle deep 
One blink, cut scene…. and I keep walking 

I walk amidst the desert’s dunes 
The sun beats down its potent tune 
A melody of scorching heat…. 
.…tans the skin with a bronze beat 
The skin well tailored from the finest grain 
So soft that words cannot explain 
With but one stroke you’d understand 
One blink, cut scene…. and I keep walking 

My winter’s deep inside a valley 
Where blistering cold begins to rally 
Snowflakes circle in the air 
They dance so graceful, everywhere 
The breeze - it leads; the flakes - they follow 
The wind whispers through the hollow 
A voice so soothing, it calms the nerves 
Don’t waste time speaking, I but observe 
And I could spend all night just listening 
One blink, cut scene…. and I keep walking 

My eyes keep walking to places new 
But as for now 
I bid adieu 
These aren’t the only scenes with you 
One blink, cut scene…. 

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