Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Admission Letter

[Ok, if you haven't already noticed, I like to keep the posts slightly different every time. Todays post certainly won't disappoint.... at least in the "different" department; However, its very capable of disappointing on a variety of other categories such as "interesting." This is a Letter I wrote for someone who was applying to some sort of a teaching program in college. Again, as I always like to say, I'm not a writer....I just did this for fun. I hope you enjoy it on some sort of level]

To say that it has been my life long dream to become a teacher would be too much of a cliché. So why have I chosen to become an educator? One of the most fundamental and undeniable features of all beings, is the characteristic of curiosity. We all share this instinctual yearning to accept new information - to understand what we do not yet understand, to explain what we cannot yet explain, and to comprehend what first seems incomprehensible. And curiosity has no bounds nor prejudice. It does not discriminate between the ages, sexes or cultures. While much of what we learn as infants is observational, just as soon as we begin to utter our first words we also begin to ask our first questions. Our strong desire for food is equally met with an appetite for knowledge. As all children begin to grow and develop, their curiosities grow exponentially greater. In order to satiate this thirst for knowledge they need a reference or guide. I am striving to be that reference or guidance. I believe that speculation is a mode for motivation. I have speculated that not all of those who are knowledgeable are able to teach, but one who is passionate about teaching is left to become knowledgeable. So at the risk of sounding cliché, let me say that I have always been passionate about teaching and now all that is left is to gain the knowledge so that I may one day be able to do so. And just as curiosity shows no bounds, my motivation is similarly resilient.


  1. hmm.....well i think u r a writer.....bcz u r a thinker...keep writing..cheers!!!

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it