Monday, December 20, 2010


[hey, it’s you again…. “wanna read something?” I ask quite quizzically. *silence* You remain silent, and a slight discomfort starts to brew. uhm, ok don’t answer, that’s real normal. Well if you’re not terribly busy maybe you can check out this little bit if poetry I wrote a while back…. enjoy]
You crippled me
Now I sit here piecefully
But I can use these pieces
To solve this puzzle lyrically

And I can wait all day, all year
Or, ‘til these pieces disappear
But pictures say a thousand words
and that is why my mind’s unclear

Everything is outta focus
Take this veil off my eyes
just a distant faded picture
Sits inside immortalized

Now it’s getting dark in here
Just enough to spark some fear
But then the light comes creeping through
Off your eyes when you appear

So now the light of hope seeps in
I see the road and seem to grin
Suddenly you close your eyes
I’m flying back to where I’ve been

I’m drowning now
I sit in peace; I do not shout
Expectantly I’m not surprised
I found my peace and need no light

And now I sit here writing, raging
But not the rage that war is waging
A push that drives. An inspiration.

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