Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Flies

[This is some poetry or maybe lyrics that i wrote a while ago…. “what does it mean?” you asked…. “well, i guess its up to your interpretation,” answered I…. not sure if it’s especially great, but i hope you enjoy]
my flies
circlin in a frenzy round my head
I never mind those sorry things I’ve said
and I don’t miss the days they weren’t there
cause I can make ‘em all just disappear
or trap ‘em in these jars that fill with cries
that come from out these things, I call them flies
my flies
the longer I don’t mind them
they’ll just overwhelm and blind me
and I’ll finally see clearly
That I’ve worn this blindfold dearly
So its time to start unmasking
for some clarity, I’m asking
And I’ll be in a state of daze
Flying with my flies for days
For a moment ill just lose all ties
From the outside world and fly beside flies
my flies
just out of seeing distance
people see me for an instance
the onlookers see me swinging 
for these flies that only I see
they’ll assume my moment’s madness
But “non compos mentis,” and this
would be no exception to some rule
There’s not much that I’d care to do to fool
all of those who watch, with some disguise
Cuz its not worth losing focus off the flies
my flies make circles round my head
Yet, Ex nihilo nihil fit
they’re not the type that fly around
and pester on with buzzing sounds
But what’s the use of telling you?
You’ll only be that more confused
[photo by: Rona Gelman]

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